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What I love about fashion is the way that it's become so much more unique and independent  - that almost anything goes. I particularly love the way people have a basic wardrobe that suits their personal style, set off by a beautiful designer or ‘label’ piece. 

Fashion today is much more diverse than it once was and as a result people are becoming more and more savvy in order to buy more of it. Consequently, due to the increase of production to supply demand, it is becoming especially important to think sustainably when it comes to our clothes. 

We all know that designer pieces can be outrageously priced, so we want to make available those classic, sought after pieces at a much cheaper cost. 

As a result, we at Second Childhood specialise in sourcing and re-loving the best quality children’s clothes in excellent condition so that everyone can tap into the eclectic style of today while still being conscious and aware of the environment around us.

Hannah Wallace
Second Childhood

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